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Our Story Bagofspices

With our first physical grocery store opened in Pala, Kottayam, Kerala, in 2020-21, we aim to make retail experience easy and energizing. Each of Bagofspices grocery stores offers locally produced products and fresh baked products along with groceries and merchandise for a wholesome gourmet store shopping experience. Our grocery store online gives you the extra reachability for our food produces, personal care and home care products.  Bagofspices.com ships across India and are happy to provide you the best grocery online offers.


We are not a volume producer from a single facility but smaller self-sustaining plants closer to local farms and local harvest; We strive to source products and fresh produces from the very best places in India; Our brands takes you back in time to the places you love, the famers market near me;


We love our customers with a soft corner to locally grown produces, who doesn’t favour large production factories, who wants to know the face of person who made it. Our focus is on helping you get the best nourishing grocery items from across the world at the lowest price point. This supermarket near me also provides an easy pick up option from our physical stores, wherein your online order is sanitised, packed, sealed and delivered to your vehicle in a jiffy.





Bagofspices® is part of Warminghands® family, creating refreshing retail stores with locally grown nourishing produces.

Warminghands has been making life easier for its customers through its expertise in retail, B2B procurement and cognitive technologies. Your company currently operates through its three entities - Warminghands Stores United Private Limited, Warminghands Supply Views Private Limited and Warmhands Design Labs Private Limited.